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+1 Crystal Gem


Greetings Carnival crew! I'm Erica and I gave in to a whim and am bringing you Bird Mom Pearl from Steven Universe. She is a gem from Homeworld and is thousands of years old. She used to be part of a rebellion to save the Earth, no big deal, and now she takes care of her ex-girlfriend's friend's son. She's super organized and a little dramatic...which is good because she's about to be a performer for the carnival here. And I just realized how ironic that is since she got put on contract cause she caught a show without paying. Whoops.

If you want to know more I've got all her info posted in the right places.

Also, feel free to friend me on plurk ([ profile] bouncyerbear) or discord (bouncyerbear #9190). I totally look forward to playing here with you all.
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[personal profile] destiny_key 2017-05-07 02:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi, Erica, it's nice to meet you! I think we might've missed each other on plurk a few times lmao.

I'm Fearless and I play Sora from Kingdom Hearts~
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Welcome!! I'm Pazu and I play Rita. Pearl is awesome and I'm excited to see her here!! Looking forward to playing with you!
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Peridot is going to be so hilariously offended that Pearl isn't coming to work engineering with her. ITS BECAUSE YOU CAN'T STAND HAVING HER BE THE BOSS, ISN'T IT???

No but seriously I'm so overjoyed that you apped WELCOME TO THE GAME. Thank u for gracing us with your wonderful bird mom
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LATE BUT OMG WELCOME!!! ive been kinda MIA but i look forward to seeeing you around the game!
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it seems pretty full up! i might hit you up on it, but i also might wait to pounce on the next freshest opportunity, or link you to my next lars log!

i'm curious to see how their CR would pan out, lol