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Pearl ([personal profile] myownpearl) wrote in [community profile] livinglot2017-05-07 12:03 am

+1 Crystal Gem


Greetings Carnival crew! I'm Erica and I gave in to a whim and am bringing you Bird Mom Pearl from Steven Universe. She is a gem from Homeworld and is thousands of years old. She used to be part of a rebellion to save the Earth, no big deal, and now she takes care of her ex-girlfriend's friend's son. She's super organized and a little dramatic...which is good because she's about to be a performer for the carnival here. And I just realized how ironic that is since she got put on contract cause she caught a show without paying. Whoops.

If you want to know more I've got all her info posted in the right places.

Also, feel free to friend me on plurk ([ profile] bouncyerbear) or discord (bouncyerbear #9190). I totally look forward to playing here with you all.

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