Lost Carnival OOC
8th-Oct-2017 08:28 pm
criticallyfucked: (Default)
1. What is their favorite thing about your character?
2. Least favorite?
3. Do they have any fears involving or regarding your character?
4. Are they envious of your character? What do they envy?
5. What do they admire about your character?
6. If they could swap bodies with your character for a day, how would they spend the day?
7. If they could take one personality trait and/or physical feature from your character for themselves, what would it be?
8. Are they keeping any secrets from your character? What are they?
9. Do they trust your character? How much? What would it take to break that trust?
10. What is their first impression vs. current impression of your character?
11. Do they like your character better now than when they first met?
12. What is their favorite thing to do with your character?
13. In a horror movie, which role do they think your character would play?
14. What animal does your character remind them of?
15. What is their ideal afternoon spent with your character?
16. Would they date your character? Hook up with them?
17. Would they betray your character? Under what circumstances?
18. Would they kill your character? If not, what could potentially force their hand?
19. Would they die for your character?
20. If they could change one thing about your character, what would it be?
21. What do they associate with your character?
22. What's one song they would pick that they think your character might like?
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