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+1 cat-themed superhero

Hi guys, Kya (Susan's player) here with my second character - Adrien Agreste from Miraculous Ladybug. For those who don't know the series, Adrien is the son of a famous fashion designer, and so even though he was raised with tons of money and the like, he's also been kept cooped up at home his entire life. Overall he's a good kid, and his only real talents are things he's done as extracurricular activities - fencing, piano, Chinese, and modeling. Secretly though Adrien is also a superhero - using the ring he always wears, he can transform into the superhero Cat Noir, who has all the usual superhero fare skills-wise - enhanced strength, speed, flexibility, etc. - as well as the ability to destroy any one thing he chooses per transformation. It's pretty sweet.

Adrien is going to be a game operator here, while as Cat Noir he will be a daredevil! He's going to try to keep up the whole superhero secret identity thing, at least at first, so expect silly shenanigans there as he tries to keep those two lives and jobs separate.

Anyways, feel free to check out his info post and app if you like, and if you haven't added me on plurk yet you can find me at [ profile] moirallegiance!
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Sora and Adrien need to be friends
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Okay Ash won't even know WHAT to think about this!
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>the ability to destroy any one thing he chooses per transformation.

Buddy you best not be going around using that on carnival property or Peridot's gonna flip a shit