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+1 random guy

Hey all, I'm Alex and I'm bringing Will Zimmerman of the show Sanctuary into the game. He's your ordinary human with a slight quirk of being able to see little clues, much like Sherlock Holmes, and he's had some small experience turning into things other than human, so! He'll be right at home here, haha.

He's going to be helping out with the Carnival menagerie.

You can reach me at [plurk.com profile] chocoballs, or my Discord is chocoballs#5292 . I'm excited to be in the game!
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Super excited to have you! Sherlock has already made friends with Helen and heard about Will already! Welcome to the game!
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Helen's protege! Hurrah, Will. Welcome to the coolest vacation ever. And it's benefits are as bizarre as they are cool. lol <3
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True enough. Helen will definitely be staying for a good long while.