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+1 275 year old badass & your new Changes Specialist

Hey all, this is Rowan, brand new to the tents and bringing you Helen Magnus, who's been helping Abnomals in her own world adjust to their own changes, keep them safe, and keep the dangerous ones from hurting others for three hundred years, give or take twenty-thirty years where she was a normal human being.  Full info on how she went from normal to Abnormal can be found here, on her application. She has a few degrees, one of the medical and is a surgeon in her own right.  

Doing drugs with your best University mates is awesome, right?

Having trouble with your own changes?  Come say hi to your new resident expert.

I've a navigation page up on her journal, so give it a click and that should get you where you want to go.

As for me, you can find me [ profile] lightbirbs on Plurk and my Discord is lightbirbs#9612.  Don't be shy, I'm the last thing in the universe that'll bite you.
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Welcome!!! I'm one of those who don't recognize Sanctuary but she sounds interesting! I can't wait to play with you! I plan to put Allen through hell with changes and he gets hurt a lot, so I'm sure she'll be seeing a lot of him.
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Sweet! Let's make it one helluva ride.
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I can jive with that.
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Hey cool! Hi Rowan, I'm Joysweeper. I just play Scout here right now, she's a young fugitive Jedi. Welcome to the game!
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awww. |D Could be fun! I used to play Luke Skywalker all the time and I kinda miss him, but it'll be a while before I put him anywhere.
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Welcome aboard! I'm Dragon, and I play Zecora (who is Helen's Supervisor!) and a catgirl, so good luck with that. ;) I'm looking forward to seeing someone else in the medical division!
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It's so nice to have good help.

Hopefully she doesn't mind her boss being a rhyming zebra who deals medicine exclusively in potions and magic.