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Riku | Kingdom Hearts | Newcomer

a; gamer's circle

[As Riku walks through the Gamer's Circle, he's taken aback by the sheer amount of people that are clustered around, moving from game to game or into other areas of the circus grounds. Even after becoming a Keybearer and visit different worlds on the regular, he doesn't think he's ever seen so many people in one place. The crush of the crowd makes it hard to take in the sights, giving Riku only glimpses of the games as the wave of people carry him by. But one catches his attention more than the others, prompting him to fight his way through to the game tent.

The set-up is simple enough, on the back wall of the tent a board is hung up with a large circle on it, with a small hole in the middle. On the counter sits a plastic water gun. The teen picks it up, curious. The smokey figure manning the counter leans closer.]

Why don't you give it a try? There are some nice prizes if you can manage to win.

[Riku considers that for a moment before shrugging and grasping the handle of the water gun. After all, it's just a game.

What's the worse that could happen?]

Double or nothing? [He's always had a competitive edge and he's practically oozing confidence at this point. help this child]

b; not your wheelhouse

[The Ferris Wheel had been enjoyable at first. It's the first time Riku has ever been on one and he enjoyed the sensation of being up so high, especially when his cart reached the top and the stars became so close he could reach out and touch them. The stars had been distraction enough for the next ten minutes, but after that he couldn't help but realize that the wheel has completely stopped moving.

And he's bored.

Staring out the side of the cart, he tries to gauge exactly how high up they are, before finally looking over at the person sharing the cart with him.]

How are your climbing skills?

[He might as well bring his company along on his escape plan.]


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