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Yuuri Katsuki | Yuri!!! On Ice | Newcomer!

Price of Admission:

[Yuuri was quite certain he had been about to step into the familiar cool of Hasetsu Ice Castle - in fact, he still held his well loved, years old ticket pass tightly in one fist, and ice skates in the other.

However Yuuko was not waiting to stamp it yet again (a time honoured tradition between them ) to let him in after hours; instead he was greeted by nearly walking face first into a tree. And while he was rather certain it had been mid afternoon, the fact that he could barely see the bark before his nose alerted him to the fact that somehow, it had sunk into the hours of the night.

He wasn't sure if it was uncertainty or the very avid nagging voice in the back of his head that told him it had to be a dream that kept him going, but he made it, dazed, to the admission booth. There a semi-transparent creature that seemed to man the booth gave him a look over; assessing both the ice skates (these under particular scrutiny) and his ticket, before giving a broad smile. The gate keeper decidedly plucked the ticket from his hand before ushering him inside. Yuuri didn't even have time to speak his objections.

Inside the lights of the carnival seemed as bright as stage lights, and twice as blinding. Yuuri stumbled to the side of the admission booth, ice skates clutched in one hand the other balled tightly and shoved in the pocket of his jacket. His eyes were wide, face pale as he stood politely to one side so as not to stem the stream of incomers. He stood frozen in the sea of unfamiliar faces attempting to devise how best to tell a surreal dream creature that he very much, actually, needed that ticket back, and somewhere along the lines had taken a very wrong turn.

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