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Noboru Gongenzaka ([personal profile] otoko) wrote in [community profile] livinglot 2017-03-29 12:25 am (UTC)


[Unlike Yuuya, Gongenzaka has been here...a while. Perhaps not as long as his changes suggest mind-that, in fact, is entirely the fault of a fairly inconvenient thing called Death. (Good thing his contract was Insurance, more or less)

He has however been here long enough, as per his desire to learn something that could make up for the failure that was his loss to the 'Battle Beast'. Does that shadow over his eyes look sort of like BB's actually? ...Nahhhh.

For the time being, Gongenzaka has acted as a member of the Patrol team to that end. And all chaotic incidents of recent days aside, he quite enjoys it-there is a sense of keeping the peace, making sure things are right without going too far, not to mention the chance to meet...


Gongenzaka's more beast-like limbs betray him, as he stops in his tracks at the sound of a familiar voice. His ears perk immediately, and even his tail seems to quiver just a bit, a hair away from full on wagging. It can't be, he's sure-

And yet...And yet...
] Y...Yuuya..?

[That shade of red, with those goggles?

It's absolutely him!

And now (Rest in pieces, Yuuya's spine) a far larger Gongenzaka is bounding over with just as much excitement as expected from someone who hasn't seen their best friend in a number of months.

[It may be an idea to duck.]

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