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[ooc: I can go action tags or prose alike, feel free to use your preference and I'll match!]


So the ferris wheel has broken down yet again. Fixing it isn't Papyrus' job; his job, as the head janitor, is cleaning up the carnival grounds.

Problem is, bored people on the ferris wheel like to mess around. Some have the foresight to bring things like books, or interesting conversation topics, and while away the wait.

Others, apparently, decide to strip and throw their belongings down at passersby. This is the third sock in ten minutes. He's beginning to reconsider this whole notion of bringing things to the lost and found, if they're so uncaring about their property.

So your character may go by at the right time to see the skeleton waving the sock around and irritably grumbling to himself, in a rather capslocky voice that carries. Or perhaps your character might be the perpetrator responsible for the latest thrown item. Either way... Some days, being the janitor is awful.


Papyrus paces back and forth in front of the chest, occasionally glancing at it with a scowl. The magic chest sits nonchalantly under his gaze, unimpressed by his irritation. And the riddle, written on its lid, refuses to give any helpful hints.

What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

It's exactly the kind of awful twisty witty question that makes junior jumble such a pain! He hates this! But it's a puzzle, physically locking him off from something of interest, and he has to at least make the attempt.

1 guess left...


Well, Papyrus has found a will o' wisp. That's not the same as catching it, since they're like intangible like ghosts, and nearly immune to his blue attacks like nothing else ever.

But he's radioed that he's found it, his location, and and he's following it around to make sure it doesn't disappear before somebody who knows what they're doing shows up. So now he's following it around, sometimes a little too closely.

And it feels... relaxing. Kind of like he did back at the Celebration, which very nearly ruins the mood. He needs to keep his head about him, and not lose track of the goal! And right now, the goal is keeping an eye on that will o' wisp. Intently.

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