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A quick couple of questions for folks with nightrunner/engineering characters!

As you might've noticed, Lambert asked Peridot & the engineering types to come up with stuff for a training yard/obstacle course deal, to be finished by the end of their stay at Mainframe. IN RELATION TO THAT:

1. What would your character have contributed/suggested adding to it? This is mostly for descriptive purposes of what can be found there. FOR EXAMPLE: since Peridot thinks lasers should go on everything, higher difficulties on the course have optional lasers on everything. A short comment on this post will do!

2. Are people interested in a mingle/interaction log for construction activities/testing of various shit to go into it? FOR EXAMPLE: 'make sure your obstacle of DEATH is actually a metaphorical death, because literal death would be bad and make the doctors unhappy!' I kind of assumed most of the construction would be handwaved, but if there's any interest in that I'm happy to put one up. :|a Anyone'd be welcome to tag in with what your character's up to during this/sniff around what's going on.

So far the only features committed to are a small arena (for good ol' fashioned PvP/sparring) with a moat around it (also lasers for some reason?1), a obstacle course circuit that goes around the perimeter of the area, and drones that act as ~features~ for the higher levels of the obstacle course (which absolutely have lasers |D).
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so Strange won't really be any good at building things, but he'll gladly help move rocks out of the way or make a road or something like that via his magic (somebody just drag him back to his trailer when he almost passes out from using too much powerful magic in such a short time). and I'm equally up for logging or handwaving things!

also what the fuck are lasers, those sound awful, Strange kindly requests no lasers. Really, the most he'd request is that it's outside and there's a source of water nearby because he knows Lambert's gonna force him to do the stupid awful training course and he wants as much help as possible.
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Helen can drag him back to his trailer. lol You need a...magical battery pack, sir.

...can a magical battery pack be created? /ruminates Strange, having Helen as a student is inviting 900B new question just so you know.
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When you get right down to it, a battery is just an energy storage device, with a way of releasing said energy slowly over time (or quickly with a bang if you mess with them the right way I guess). I don't know Strange's canon but I'm just saying. It could probably be done if you went about it the right way.
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nah, his problem is that he's just an idiot who thinks he can do everything and has yet to realize that he cannot do everything. Give Strange a gateorade and shove him in a corner, he'll be good.
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1. ...knowing Helen she'll hand in a sketch with options like these.
2. Yes. I can see Helen wanting to test everything because she's Helen Magnus and it would be a fantastic diversion. Plus, she can be around if people get hurt being dumb. She'll even help with construction.
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why do they need lasers??? whyyyy? But anyway, you've already hit him up IC about stuff to put in, so just take anything he whines about via radio and make it worse.
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Don't forget the rotating obstacle tunnel. That also has lasers.
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(She built it with parts from the other attractions don't worry about it)
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Sophie will be highly enamored with the lasers tbh.
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GOOD. At least SOMEONE other than peridot will be.
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Rita will be building fire-based obstacles for the high-difficulty courses, with magical (if possible; if not then she'll use the carnival's special effects tech) devices that launch fireballs, and literal flaming rings to jump through, and maybe even a fiery pit to greet those who fail at platform-jumping (annnd she might have to dial back on a few ideas in the interest of not getting anybody killed, idk).

She'll also put together some sturdy, magic-resistant training dummies for people who want to practice combat and magic skills without going through straw dummies like toilet paper. Two of the dummies will have oddly distinct silhouettes, as their heights and "hairstyles" (really just the shapes of their heads) will be made to look a lot like a couple of certain people Rita knows from home.
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Rita's magic tech does require stuff that isn't here (idk if there's any funky fae equivalent for magic technology or what), so yep, SFX tech will work!