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A document containing some summary information about Portland has been included, to make it a bit easier to imagine life there. Its safe to assume that most things that exist in real Portland can exist here too, if you are inclined to do your own research. At the same time, don't sweat the small stuff, and feel free to make up new locations as well.

Player are also allowed to make up supernatural groups and organizations (with mod approval), but some default options are going to be listed here for your convenience. Having your character be related to any of these things will most likely prove advantageous:

► THE ROSE QUEEN: Also known as "The Lady of Thorn and Flower", the Rose Queen is one of the dominant fae in the Portland area - though whether its "Rose City" moniker brought her here or she inspired it to come about is unclear. Though ostensibly very powerful, she has also been especially reclusive since the Severing - though not too reclusive to create some changelings in the meantime. Her fae territory is apparently a massive, deadly garden, lined with thorns.

► TORCHLIGHT: An organization predominantly made of humans, whose purpose is to defend the world from the supernatural, and hunt down offenders. The group on a whole has been very much in favour of the Severing from day one, and some of its more radical members would like nothing more than to eliminate the remaining otherworldly populations. Werebeasts, mages, and some angel-blood are tolerated in the ranks, provided they have no history of violence against humans.

► CIRCLE OF ENLIGHTENMENT: A multinational mage club, the Circle is notorious for pushing its weight in supernatural matters all across the globe. Its recruitment process is stringent, but if you manage to become accepted, you'll have significantly above average access to magical secrets, as they've been hoarding this stuff for thousands of years, apparently. Or so they claim, anyway. They have a somewhat negative reputation with others, mostly for sounding really up their own ass about stuff like this.

► THE PACK: A very generalized name for the local alliance of werebeasts, it may also be facetiously referred to as "The Herd" or "The Flock" depending on who you speak to, as all of those included are not actually pack animals. Though this group is divided by the disparate needs of its various subcategories, it is all united in a references for the "Earth Spirit" - the supposed source of all life on earth. Beyond that, this group is too diverse to have a uniform sense of culture, outside of everyone in it being a werebeast of some type. It is not uncommon for these werebeasts to also practice magic and exchange magical secrets particular to their kind.

► DIGNITY VILLAGE: Though a real life tent city, this version of Portland has a supernatural twist. Dignity Village has a reputation of being a hotbed of supernatural activity, mostly due to some monster's tendency to prey on the homeless, and due to some supernatural's tendencies to end up on the street. As such, there is an equal desire in the magical community to keep it safe for humans that live there. At least a few guardian angels consider this area to be under their careful watch. Prey on those here at your peril.

If you want to propose any kind of organization that could include other player characters, feel free to reply to this comment!

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