walkonedge: (don't lose to yourself)
石田 ヤマト ([personal profile] walkonedge) wrote in [community profile] livinglot 2017-03-28 06:16 pm (UTC)

I'M NOT GOING TO LIE when i say that it was partly my motivation for apping him this fast............ |D

and hi! I like your Shima, although this kid thinks he has a serial killer slasher smile. ^^; (no offense, he says). But! Regarding Childermass, I can't wait to see Yamato being all "??? magic wat" at him because he's probably the closest thing that he would recognise as a magician largely due to the tarot thing, that's at least something vaguely familiar.

also consider Yamato running into Shima paralysed with fear at the bug Pokemon around. offhandedly mentioning that he's seen even larger ones.

but yeah!! /throws out random plot ideas because why not.

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