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Rita Mordio ([personal profile] anti_nonsense) wrote in [community profile] livinglot2017-03-26 09:14 am


Alola, Lost Carnival! I'm Pazu and I'm bringing Rita Mordio from Tales of Vesperia into the game!

Rita is a hot-tempered genius mage and a huge tsundere. Her passion is studying magic and technology, and her patience for other people is in small supply. She can be rude and a total stick in the mud, but she has a soft side, somewhere under that prickly front.

In the carnival, she'll be putting her technical skills to work as a lighting/sfx tech. Her reason for joining the circus, despite having no interest in entertainment in general, is to learn about fae magic and otherworldly technology. For people whose canons have magic, she'll be eager to learn about that, too.

I'm looking forward to playing with everyone! You can find me on Plurk at [ profile] pzue.

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