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1. The Guardian sounds like they are just a person who has special powers, like some kind of super cop from the Net. If Lambert spends the time finding someone who actually witnessed the fight, apparently she just got knocked out pretty hard and is injured. She's currently under the care of Mainframe's COMMAND.COM - aka, the leader or mayor of the system.

2. Polymorph IS a shit head - it's the virus way. Viruses actually avoid the games, because there's no benefit to participating in them. There is an area of the city that is corrupted into being Polymorph's evil fortress of sorts, though oddly enough, a lot of the citizens seem unclear on what Polymorph actually looks like.

3. Not really! Unfortunately, everyone who was in the Game got nullified when it ended, and you can't see what's going on from the outside. There are no living witnesses.

4. They can bring their Pokemon, and the Pokemon will probably just look similar to how they do normally - Sprites come in all shapes, so it won't be anything too strange to the locals. Pokemon will also lose most of their special powers, though.

5. Any kind of weapon can be brought in, though special powers may be lost. Regular swords and guns and stuff are fine, though - stuff like that exists in the Reboot world. One of the characters from the show fights with a katana.

6. I was thinking "firewalls" would be a good way of converting shields, so yes! Though Lambert may find it kind of baffling since he has no comprehension of what code is, or how he knows how to interact with it.

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