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Can I invent a fae or other particularly powerful supernatural to be part of my character's backstory?
Yes! Though, they will have to be approved by the mods when you post your proposed backstory set up. You can design their aesthetic and basic personality, but the mods will be in control of their overarching motivations, as those in high up positions will probably be relevant to the plot. Not all proposed NPCs are guaranteed to be used, but we'll do our best.

Can my character be super powerful?
Maybe, but you will need a pretty good reason for why they would be, as well as pay some Activity Points for the honour. Think of it like this: you can be Spiderman for free, but you may have to pitch in some points to be allowed to be Superman.

Do all backstories need approval?
Only if you're introducing something that the mods need to know about, like NPC organizations, a fae master, or a particularly high up position in the supernatural hierarchy. If you just want your backstory to be "my dude is a vampire who lives in a closet" you don't NEED to submit a backstory, but it would be cool if you did anyway.

Are there non-playable monsters in this setting?
Yes, you have some liberty to allow for magical creatures. However, the listed species are the only ones that would be considered sapient/of human (or greater) intelligence. Many of these creatures will have been created by some form of magic in the past.

Where do I submit a backstory?
I will making another post asking for brief backstory explanations about a week for now. Don't worry about setting anything in stone for the time being. This post is just for general spitballing.

Any additional questions can be asked here!

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