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April 7th, 2017 
12:31 pm - Newbie alert!
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 Hey there! I'm Athuria, and I'm bringing in Yuya Sakaki from that series about children's card games, Yu-Gi-Oh!

This is my first time at the carnival and Yuya is gonna be fresh meat too, joining the acrobats. I'll have a post up for him this evening but until then, if you want to reach me on Plurk it's [plurk.com profile] Monochromic !

Looking forward to playing with you all! c:
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Everyone who has submitted AC will receive a comment either accepting their total or explaining what we need from them. Comment to this post or to our comment to let us know when you've made the change.

If you haven't submitted your AC at all you will need to do so within 24 HOURS or risk being wiped. Also, it's helpful if you link that submission here to let us know you've done so. Remember that you cannot spent your points on anything until your comment is passed. AC posts will be approved in the next few days - if you do not receive an approval or revision notice by then and your name is not on any of these lists, feel free to ask us what's going on in the event you've accidentally been skipped.

REMEMBER: If you are not going to submit AC, please use the drop post to let us know. Idling out of the game will bar you from entry for the next 3 months.

Viktor Nikiforov

Tamaki Yotsuba
Yukio Okumura

Chiaki Nanami
Katsuki Yuuri
Mitsuki Izumi
Phichit Chulanont
Yuugi Mutou

If you've been approved, those points are yours to spend!
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