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A game will be in progress from the moment the Nightrunner's enter, so they will mostly see the aftermath. The enormous, electric looking cube will rise from a new destroyed section of city, as the system alerts will declare for all to hear: "GAME OVER. USER WINS." The behavior of the programs after the game leaves will be like humans reacting to a natural disasters. Dozens of new nulls will flood from the area, and morale will start out exceptionally poor.

With some investigation, the Nightrunners will be able to find out the generality of what a Game Cube is, and what it just did to the city (though the locals will look at you like you're crazy if you act like you've never seen or heard of one.) The Ringmaster will have recommended that you tell people you came from "the Net" if they catch on to you being unfamiliar with Mainframe, and if you do it will seem to work without much problem. Though, they may ask some confusing follow up questions that may be harder to answer if you're bad at thinking on your feet.

With some exploration and research, the Nightrunners will eventually be able to discover that the populace is mostly blaming their Game loss on a local virus named Polymorph. Apparently, there would have normally been a program called a "Guardian" that would have stepped in and helped with the Game, but Polymorph put them out of commission seconds earlier (for a fun bit of confusion, "seconds" are akin to "hours" in program timekeeping - IE a program will say "wait a nanosecond" instead of "wait a minute") (or something), dooming the rest of the system to a loss.

Polymorph has apparently been trying to take over the system for a long time, and it can only be assumed that they are hoping to weaken the enemy by causing them to fail at Games.

You can ask followup questions to this explanation, if you wish. NIGHTRUNNERS ONLY.

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