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aaaand we're live!

Hello, carnival! Sarah here, and I bring you Ishida Yamato from Digimon Adventure Tri. nostalgia over 90s kids anime, i has it. He's fairly recent in terms of canon (as of Movie 3: Confession) and at the moment is a regular high school student, albeit one who's fronting a rather popular amateur high school rock band.

Anyway! He's going to be working as a Wardrobe Assistant and will very frankly admit that he got in on property damage charges, oops. He'll come off as a liiiitle bit prickly and standoffish because he's not very good at emotions unless it's perpetually frowning. He also has zero magic and/or abilities so expect him to also be very cautious and Suspicious by all the magic that's happening around him.

Also, he's going to be so confused about the Pokemon world because what, people catch them? And you can have more than one?! Someone please help to educate him.

I run on an Asia timezone, so the easiest way is to hit me up using journal (PM/comments are ok) or plurk ([plurk.com profile] thelightroyale). Looking forward to plotting and playing with all of you! ♥
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Hello!! I've been really enjoying playing with your Yamato on the TDM, and I'm super glad to see you apped in with him! I've only seen a little bit of Tri so far, but Digimon is a big part of my childhood and it makes me happy to see characters from it around.
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digimon digital monsters digimon are the champions~

Hello, Sarah! Welcome to the game! I am so glad you apped, because a Digimon character in a Pokemon world is going to be priceless. I'm LA aaaand you've already met Shima here, though I also play super serious magician Childermass.
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Hi, I'm Amanda and I play this guy, Jamie from Zoids /0. Who is also Yamato's roommate! I have no idea how they'll get along but I look forward to finding out. If you'd be interested in doing something with these two meeting for the first time, hit me up!

Hope you enjoy your time in the game. :>
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YEAH, he's a much less flashy magician when compared to the rest. Less randomly summoning ice faeries and causing explosions and such /stares significantly at Strange.

And thank you! I'm glad you do. Lucky for Yamato, he's no serial killer, just weird, and I'm down for pretty much anything! Running into Shima freaking out would at least prove he can actually do more than smile way, way too much.