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Or, more specifically, Lost Carnival's test drive meme! This is an opportunity to try out your characters in the setting before you apply, or to put together samples for characters you've never played before. There are going to be options for both new arrivals and veteran characters. Before we get started, let's lay down some details:
  • You can read the full premise here.
  • Reserves and Applications are both currently OPEN.
  • You can apply as a newcomer or as a "veteran" character who has been in the carnival for up to three years. In the case of veteran characters, you will need to come up with an explanation of why they haven't been around the carnival recently.
  • TDM threads can be used as game canon after the fact if both characters are accepted and the players agree to it.
  • If you are interested in additional IC and OOC plot responsibilities, consider applying for a Supervisor position. Treasurer, and Wardrobe Manager are currently open. More roles that currently need filling are listed here!


You gotta start somewhere, right? These prompts are for characters who are arriving in the carnival for the first time, and who are destined to sign a contract. How they go about that is up to you, but in the meantime they can enjoy the sights and sounds of something truly out of this world. Visitors to the carnival comes from many different worlds today, as the ringmaster casts out her recruitment lures. Will you become her most recent hire?

ADMISSION FEES: After crossing into the carnival's realm and passing through the trees, most visitors will find themselves at the front gate - though not all choose to enter that way. If they enter legitimately, however, they will have to pass by a clerk who will trade admission and tickets for various attractions and rides in exchange for "anything of value." What is of value may seem highly subjective, and so some may struggle to produce payment at first, though in actuality the carnival will take anything from mundane currency to items of purely sentimental value.

MIRROR MAZE: The mirror maze (pictured above) is a big attraction in the carnival, and stretches much further on the inside than it looks like it will on the outside. It's hard to get through, and what's more, after you've been in there for a while your reflections will start gaining a mind of their own - mostly in order to taunt and distract you with personal information. They don't know everything you know, but they know more than they should, and their mind games can be pretty hit or miss.

GAMER'S CIRCLE: Almost all of the game booths are organized in a large ring around the Cookhouse, called Gamer's Circle. Your can play just about any carnival game you can imagine here, for a variety of prizes sometimes traditional, exotic, or outright magical. Dart tossing? Got it. That game with the water guns? Got it. Most of these booths are currently manned by humanoid spirits who look like they are made of smoke. If they can trick you into earning debt, they will.

NOT YOUR WHEELHOUSE: Sometimes, even magical ferris wheels get stuck. The carnival's particular wheel is enchanted to create a particular out of this world experience - as you pass along the top, you feel as if they are so close to the sky that you can interact with the stars like baubles hanging above your head. Of course, the novelty probably wears off when the wheel is broken and you've been stuck enjoying the light show with some stranger for the last half hour. How are you going to pass the time?

TRYING TO LEAF: No matter where you came from, you seemingly emerged from a forest. Obviously, to get back home you should be able to go back in the same direction, right? It turns out you can't. Worse, trying too hard to get through the wood will result in you getting lost, or turned back to the carnival. The trees here are not normal, and are varying levels of alien, including things like trees with glowing fruit or orange flowers that constantly burn like candles.

WILD CARD: Anything else you can imagine in this setting! There are a lot of possibilities and you're free to explore them. Check out the rest of the game info or the locations page for additional inspiration. Want to make a starter with your character experiencing their first theoretical change? Go for it!


These prompts are tailored to the carnival's existing employees, the veterans. Odds are they've been here from somewhere between a few months and three years already, and know their way around the block. For them, this is just business as usual - and depending on their attitude towards their job, they may or may not contribute to a few people accidentally getting themselves a contract. Whatever you do, though, don't warn visitors away from the carnival - the ringmaster hates losing business like that.

DO YOUR WORK: This one's pretty simple - just have your character doing whatever you'd like to have their job be! There is a big list of ideas over here, and you could use this to try things out with a character you intend to be a new arrival, as well.

WILL O' WISPS: The ringmaster's will o' wisps have gotten free, and she's asked that everyone keep and eye out and help her reclaim them regardless of their official jobs. Wisps are small creatures that burn both hot and cold and comes in a few different variations of the same basic theme. Handling them physically (or psionically, or magically, for that matter) is difficult due to their near intangible nature. Touching and being around them can result in confusion and a sensation similar to being comfortably drunk.

BREAK TIME: Whatever you were doing, it's break time! It's time for you to relax however you see fit. Do you enjoy some of the carnival attractions yourself, or is that old by now? Do you hang out in the Cookhouse to get a snack? Do you take a nap? Yolo, baby!

RIDDLE GAME: For a bit of fun, the ringmaster has left a variety of locked chests around the worker areas of the carnival, each with instructions and a riddle written on their lids. The chest will accept three guesses from each worker before refusing to respond to them any further. If you guess the right answer, the chest will open and you will be rewarded with some manner of fun magical knick knack. If you've run out of guesses, maybe you can conspire with someone else and promise to split the prize?

CAPTURE THE... EGG?: The Ringmaster likes to keep things exciting for her employees, and this time she's devices a game that mixes an Easter egg hunt with capture the flag. She's hidden various metallic "eggs" around the carnival that chime like bells when people get near, and divided participants into three teams (red, blue, yellow of course.) The carnival has been divided into three zones, and the objective is to gather as many eggs as possible for your team (three points for gold, two for silver, one for copper.) However, when you are in a zone that doesn't belong to your team, if they can snatch off your team flag they can take you to "jail" and confiscate any eggs you may be holding for their team. When in doubt, bullshit the rules! This is a prompt, after all.

WILD CARD: Anything else you can imagine in this setting! There are a lot of possibilities and you're free to explore them. Check out the rest of the game info or the locations page for additional inspiration. Want to do a performance? Hang out in the Backyard? Choose whatever appeals!
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((Yuya: I can't revive as Zarc again and destroy the world again if I never go home.))

[Yuya might, in far better circumstances, argue that there is always time for games. But sure, Gongenzaka is probably right there, so he deflates even further.]
I guess not.

[He swallows, raw. Then he squares his shoulders and looks up at Gongenzaka with as much conviction as he can muster--shaken as it is by what happened to his father.] I have to go back and save Yuzu. Not just her, I have to stop Academia before they hurt anyone else.
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[personal profile] otoko 2017-03-30 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
[[ True Story]]

[Games are a distraction-they're the sort of thing Yuuya would distract himself with, and that much he understands. But it is as Yuuya acknowledges-a distraction that he hopefully paid for because HOOBOY leaving will be awkward otherwise.] I, the man Gongenzaka, understand this completely.

Though, while you are here... [He trails off. It seems selfish to ask the other to stay longer-yet did he not just finish explaining the matters of time? How it wouldn't pass? It was why he himself was here after all...so, even though it would be 'distraction'...]

...While I, the man Gongenzaka, did not find time before, perhaps we could at least share a game now?

[He's been around enough to know how this game works! (Even if he. Never really plays them. He's gonna lose so bad isn't he)]
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[personal profile] hippocarnival 2017-03-30 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
Uh--[Yuya blinks, leaning back a bit.] If... you want?

[He's a little puzzled, and he wonders if Gongenzaka is going somewhere with this... but if it's true that it's been months since he's stayed here, separated from everyone, maybe he's also just lonely.]

Yeah! If you believe in this, I will too. [He takes the last ball and offers it to Gongenzaka.] And when you finish training you'll be there, right?

Since this looks like it's wrapping up I should ask now-

[personal profile] otoko 2017-03-30 03:24 am (UTC)(link)
[[OOC - Do you have a plurk or discord? I'd love to trade, this was fun!!]]

[Not going anywhere, actually-it really is just...wanting to spend some time with his friend again.

Now that his 'revival token' is gone after all, there's a nagging feeling that should something happen, it could well be the last time they do see each other after all. He takes the ball, and takes aim-
] Aah, of course! I, the man Gongenzaka, will return with full force-we'll save Yuzu, as well as all the others!

[Others being...Serena. He supposes in hindsight that Shun's sister might be there too? But mostly Serena and Yuzu are important here.

The ball is thrown...and!

Oho, a score!
] .............Ah.

[...Didn't expect that!]
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((I have a plurk! It's monochromic.))

[Yuya smiles at Gongenzaka's assurance. All hope isn't lost as long as he has his friends with him.

... He's still going to beat Yuri black and blue tho.]

Hey, you got it in! All right! [Yuya pumps his fist in the air.] Do you still get a prize if you work here?
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[personal profile] otoko 2017-03-30 04:50 am (UTC)(link)
[[Great! I'll add you in a second then-mine's 'usagisquared'!]]


Gongenzaka's laughter is clearly touched with confusion-he's still astounded he hit the mark, honestly-but it is genuine at the least, and he shakes his head.
] I can't be sure..! I, the man Gongenzaka, haven't actually played most of these games, [he admits with a nervous cough.] ...For the most part, I was focused on training... ...that, or at the least visiting the other locations we've come upon...

[...he has a snubbull now.......................]
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You earned it, so even if it's my prize you should have it. Pick something! [He points to the display of toys and stuffins along the back wall.]
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'we seem to be wrapping up' I say as we trail off onto another tangent

[personal profile] betheman 2017-03-30 01:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Auuhhh.... [............Come to think...

Looking at the wall of prizes, maybe this was why he didn't often play...

If between the two of them, they'd hit all the targets, it'd be a 'nicer' and a little more fae-appropriate prize. With only one though, it's a standard minor toy of some sort; which to be fair in both cases wouldn't be something he's really into, but at least the upper tier would have been neat for Yuuya! (Maybe Yuuya would like a weird cindersprite toy though who knows-)
] ....Hmmnnnn....

[....Cindersprite it is. ....] ....Suzu might like this...
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Re: 'we seem to be wrapping up' I say as we trail off onto another tangent

[personal profile] hippocarnival 2017-03-30 07:31 pm (UTC)(link)
[The options were a little limited... Yuya appraises the simple ball of fluff.] Well, if you don't want it... but maybe we can play one more time and win something better. For Yuzu.

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[Does Yuuya have the cash for that??? Questions Gongenzaka does not think to ask in this moment. The idea of doing something as if everything has returned to normal is unfortunately too tempting-especially while recovering from more recent events. So with a laugh, he gives a nod to the one manning the station.] Then let us do just that!

Another round!

[...Try not to rack up debt, boys.]
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[It's appealing, being able to stop and push out everything since the Maiami Championship as if they were't chasing war across dimensions. Or carnivals. He knows he's going to have to face it soon... But as Gongenzaka said, he's not wasting any time here.

The shadowy boothkeeper isn't feeling too talkative... in fact, it doesn't say anything as it hands Yuya another round of throws without even asking for payment.

Yuya just assumes this is Gongenzaka's employment perks. He holds out a ball.]
Let's aim for the smallest ones! You go first.
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RIP Yuuya and also Gon tbh because Regrets

[personal profile] otoko 2017-03-31 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
Hmm! [And aim he shall! Throwing certainly isn't something he's been working on but.

Fortunately for him, between everyone adopting weird elemental creatures from 'Alola', he's had to throw a few balls every now and then. (If he reminds himself the ball is not coming back in some dog's mouth, it's fine)
] And...! GO!

[It looks like it'll hit..! ...Except that's just a graze, alas...]
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RIP bad decisions

[personal profile] hippocarnival 2017-03-31 12:39 am (UTC)(link)
[Yuya watches it bounce away for only an moment before taking the second one. He reels his arm back.] Don't worry, I'll get this one for sure!

[He holds his place, judging the distance (by intuition, because his math skills leave a bit to be desired) before launching it to the small ring up high.

It shoots straight in. He lets out a cheer.]
We got one!
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just runs into him later 'wow you made a contract too??' ' >:[ ' 'ohno'

[personal profile] otoko 2017-03-31 12:44 am (UTC)(link)

To get a bigger prize...we need to hit five, it seems, [Gongenzaka observes, staring at the larger objects. Some of them seem to legitimately float, or sparkle...definitely the Better ones. Gongenzaka takes a ball again, narrowing his eyes.] Hmmm...if I, the man Gongenzaka, perhaps...

[...Whatever perhaps means, it must work-because with a quick toss mid-sentence, the ball goes in! That's 3/5 then!]
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It's just another in a long line of hasty decisions Yuya has made.

[personal profile] hippocarnival 2017-03-31 12:54 am (UTC)(link)
[With teamwork they can do anything! Yuya readies for his turn, invigorated by Gongenzaka's success. The sparkling prizes have gotten his attention, and there's one with swirling music notes he's determined to get for Yuzu.

He aims for a hole dead center. It bounces off the rim... but manages to hop into the one next to it. He sighs.]
That was close... now we only need one more.

at least he'd appear in alola at this point,,,Calm Vacation Place for Debts

[personal profile] otoko 2017-03-31 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
Hmm! ...This one though... [The ring appears to actually be moving, this one. Constantly....

It's also the last one, go figure. Gongenzaka crosses his arms rather than taking a ball. Instead, he looks to Yuuya. If this is for Yuzu now, it would mean more if Yuuya landed more of the scores. So far, it was two for two...

So with an encouraging grin, Gongenzaka nods.
] ...You have this! Go, Yuuya!
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But for how long

[personal profile] hippocarnival 2017-03-31 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah! I'm definitely going to make it. [He takes the final ball and scrunched his face as he focuses on the moving ring. Back and forth, like a pendulum.

He takes a breath, closes his eyes, and throws.

It just barely makes it in.]
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probably like TWO WEEKS but at least he has a cute pokefriend now???

[personal profile] otoko 2017-03-31 02:54 am (UTC)(link)

[BELLS AND WHISTLES FOR EVERYONE! The chimes are blaring and Yuuya should probably duck before his back is cracked again--] GOAL-! [Gongenzaka shouts, pumping a fist in triumph.] Which means anything from the top shelf can be chosen now...

[The upper tier things are still pretty betrayingly 'standard'-except for things like stuffed dogs that occasionally wag their tails, lucky charms on display that are probably ACTUALLY lucky, stuffed flowers that actually smell like flowers...]
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Yuya would do awfully well with pokemon...

[personal profile] hippocarnival 2017-03-31 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)
We did it! [He leans forward against the counter, scanning over the top row of prizes. He already knows what he wants to get her, though.]

I want that one. [He points at a blue paper lantern painted with music notes. He doesn't notice until it's handed to him the way that it stays illuminated without any actual light inside. Once the shadowy figure hands it to him he turned to Gongenzaka with a grin.] Thanks, Gongenzaka. What do you think?
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the true struggle would be choosing -just one-...

[personal profile] otoko 2017-04-01 01:39 am (UTC)(link)
A lantern... [With his eyes the way they are, he's caught the light from the start-they're fairly sensitive to that sort of thing now, and his smile only widens when he catches the musical notes that decorate it. They almost seem to 'spell out' a tune...though he certainly isn't knowledged enough in music to recognize what.]

I, the man Gongenzaka, feel it's a wonderful gift for Yuzu..! ...And we'll make sure it gets to her, hmm, Yuuya?
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[personal profile] hippocarnival 2017-04-01 03:12 am (UTC)(link)
Of course we will! [He clutches the lantern closer to his chest.] We'll definitely save her. Serena, Rin, and Ruri too.
otoko: (HRMMNN =3=)

[personal profile] otoko 2017-04-01 03:15 am (UTC)(link)
[Rin? ...Ah-there were 'four' of 'each' after all, so that would be the missing fourth that he didn't know about. It's certainly nothing that Gongenzaka can disagree with however, and so he nods, before giving Yuuya one last firm squeeze at the shoulder for support.]


[But until then-he has a contract to finish off, and you have a gate to exit through, if he's not correct.]