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Achilles Desjardins. ([personal profile] flambebe) wrote in [community profile] livinglot 2017-03-30 11:55 pm (UTC)

achilles desjardins | RIFTERS | new recruit

[so... somebody hijacked his simulation again, didn't they? except this time, instead of isolating him completely, they plugged him into some kind of twencen fantasy realm. it might be fowl play, or it might be the most aggressive mmo advertising he's ever encountered. either way, it's utterly unfamiliar, and... after so many years wrangling the digital realm into submission, that in and of ITSELF is unfamiliar.]

[achilles stalls for a long time in front of the ticket booth, searching both his pockets and his memories for something that might be considered 'of value'.]

[if he's going to be here, might as well see the attractions, right? achilles goes around the circle a few times, stopping a a stall or two that catch his eye. he's not terribly GOOD at the shooting range, but he gives it his best. whack-a-mole goes slightly better. maybe he'll give darts a try? his aim isn't fantastic, but his reaction time is reasonable. he's not particularly interested in the prizes, but a challenge is always fun.]

[MORE fun when he isn't losing so much, obviously.]

[and, well, that's enough of THAT. there must be some exit point that he can access from the communal area. the first time, achilles just walks out , the way he came in. when that doesn't work, he assumes there must be some kind of cheat prevention; fine. whatever. he'll try going out through the front gate, if he can only exit the way he entered.]

[when that doesn't work either, he MIGHT start to panic just a fraction. the trees feel like something out of fantasy rather than fiction, the moonlight doesn't QUITE seem to make it past the canopy, and he can't even call up a hud. did he accidentally fall into an area that's still under construction?]

[he also wanders around between the tents for a decent amount of time, just taking in the sights and trying to figure out where exactly he is. he's still not COMPLETELY convinced that this isn't just a very, very good simulation. it's entirely possible that he may think you're a rogue npc or a virus.]

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