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Yūya Sakaki ([personal profile] hippocarnival) wrote in [community profile] livinglot 2017-03-28 07:19 pm (UTC)

Yuya Sakaki | Yugioh Arc V | Newcomer

[Gamer's Circle]

[Yuya's stopped at a ball toss game, with rings of various colors and sizes lined up for prizes. He has three chances to get something good.

Yuya juggles the ball in one hand and stares with hard concentration, before reeling his arm back and tossing it underhand to a small ring in the corner. It bounces and teeters on the edge for an unnaturally long moment.]
Come on...

[Then topples outside tree ring to the floor.] Augh!

[Not Your Wheelhouse]

[The view is brilliant. It reminds him off some of his favorite action fields. But being stuck in a cramped ferris cart at the top while the operator assured them there was no need to panic... well, tree moment couldn't do the view any justice.

He shifts impatiently in his seat and leans against the window--before glancing to the person next to him to see how they're faring.]

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