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NAME: Sora
AGE: 15-ish
CANON: Kingdom Hearts

CANON HISTORY: a wiki link!

Sora, at first glance, is a very typical shonen protagonist. He's brave and heroic, and willing to risk his life for the sake of others, but also very kind and loving, and can make friends with everyone he meets, be they friend or foe.

This is deceiving. While all of those things are true of him, there is so much more to Sora than just tropes and cliques, and indeed, those 'standard protagonist characteristics' have a tendency to either become plot points, or come back and bite him later. For example, his extreme ability to make friends becomes a key point in the series, connecting everything together and explaining why everything in the series seems to revolve around him (despite him being described as dull and weak by the antagonist).

One of Sora's most defining characteristics is his extreme kindness and empathy towards others. He's loyal to a fault, and willing to forgive just about anything so long as the other party seems truly sorry. He makes friends easily, and always sees the good in someone before he recognizes the bad, and will sometimes stop whatever he's doing to help a friend in need. In the past, this has been taken advantage of, but still Sora continues to persist with this positive attitude.

His positivity is also a large part of his personality. Even when the odds are against him and his allies are down for the count, Sora keeps his head up. It takes a very extreme circumstance for him to let life get him down, such as when he was (temporarily) abandoned by his friends during the first game. He's nearly a personification of a guy who makes lemonaid when life gives him lemons (and he's been given quite a few lemons).

However, he is far from being sunshine and rainbows 100% of the time. While he does have a remarkable capacity to let things roll off his back, there have been times where his anger gets the best of him, especially if he's confused or overwhelmed. He has been selfish in the past, as well as frustrated and impatient when something is going too slow for his liking. He also has a liking for competitions, and being flashy to impress his friends. Some of this can be chalked up to his youth, as some of these traits have begun to fade with his age.

Sora is also not exactly the brightest crayon in the tool shed. While not stupid by any means, he can have a degree of gullibility and obliviousness to him that makes him the last to notice a situation. This, coupled with his open heart and deep need to help people, have put him into tight spots more than once. He's also proven to have no skill with technology or computers, and has broken them by accident in the past. He is, however, very perceptive of other peoples emotions, and very good at talking to people and smoothing over rough situations. He's also an independent thinker, and will always trust his own judgement about whether a situation is right or wrong.

Another thing Sora is is brash, a bit single-minded, and very much the sort to leap first and ask questions later. When he gets his mind set on doing something, he'll sometimes get tunnel vision toward that goal, as evidenced by his desire to find his friends in both the first and second games, and very especially in Chain of Memories. Upon meeting authority figures, he'll sometimes forget himself and be much more casual with them than he should be.

His biggest flaw, however, comes at the cost of one of his strengths. His ability to smile through everything, to put others first, to brighten the room and cheer his friends up, can take a toll on him. Though Sora is very much an open book with his emotions, the situation can sometimes cause his cheerfulness to backfire on him, and occasionally even break down (as is the case at the end of Dream Drop Distance).

While Sora does have his flaws, overall, he's shows so much more good than he does bad. He's confident, and has a strong sense of justice, but can still take the time to help his friends, and genuinely cares about each and every one of them. His heart is always in the right place, and he's reliable, brave, and sweet. Over the course of the series, Sora has grown from a child into a young man, but his base personality has remained the same, refusing to be beaten down by the challenges life has given him.




A mysterious weapon that is only useable by its chosen wielder. Keyblades are usually passed on from person to person through a ceremony, but Sora is special in this regard, as his keyblade chose him itself. In addition to being a weapon, it can also open and close any lock, including metaphorical ones. It can be summoned to hand and dismissed again at will by its chosen wielder.


Sora is skilled in a variety of magics, and tends to favor basic, light-based spells like Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder. He also has a Cure spell that can be used to heal himself and his friends (though this is limited based on the level of the spell). He has also used spells like Holy in the past, as well as status-based spells like Sleep or Poison, though these are less common.

Combat Skills

The combat abilities available to Sora number into the hundreds, and thus it would be impractical to list every single one. However, he tends to favor quick, powerful hits that allow him the maximum freedom of movement. Skills like Strike Raid and Sliding Dash allow Sora to get in and out of battle at the drop of a hat, whereas more defensive abilities such as Guard and Flash Step allow him to protect himself, while still staying on the move. A full list of combat abilities is available here.



Sora is shown to be a relatively skilled skateboarder, able to pull off many tricks and combos while riding. 


Sora has participated in several musicals in the underwater city of Atlantica, frequently being paired up with Ariel, who is renowned in the city for her singing voice.

Sword Fighting

Even without the use of the Keyblade, Sora is well able to hold his own in a sword fight. These skills come from years of play-fighting with wooden swords on the island where he grew up. His fighting style is a two handed, full powered swing, much like a club, and he often uses his opponents attacks against them.


High Jump (A jump that's higher than normal)
Glide (Allows Sora to ride air currents and float above the ground for a short period of time)
Dodge Roll (Allows Sora to avoid enemy attacks by rolling out of the way)
Aerial Recovery (Recover quickly after being knocked into the air)

AU NAME: Sora Pu'uwai
AU AGE: 17
PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES: Mostly the same, though his hair is less 'anime spikey' and more 'naturally sticks up'.



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