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26th-Jun-2017 10:22 pm - [closed for emberossing] Out There
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Phichit Chulanont wasn't particularly known for his subtlety, and ever since he had started a relationship of sorts with his roommate and absolute best friend, he's been even less secretive about his body and less discriminating in initiating contact with Yuuri. But this, he thinks as he gets dressed, is going to be pushing things further than they've ever gone.

He finishes getting ready, in his sweats and a hoodie, grabbing his gym bag with clean clothes and his skates, of course, and leaves his little room to wait for Yuuri so they can head to the rink together.

"Did you eat breakfast yet?" He calls, grabbing a banana off of the counter for himself. He's already had his cereal before getting dressed, but he always gets hungry by the time they get to the rink anyways. Yuuri, on the other hand, will sometimes forget to eat right when he has things on his mind, like training for the Grand Prix. Which is why Phichit is planning this little game for them in the first place.
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